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Wedding Photography

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It is no secret that in the life of two people who love each other - the most wonderful, memorable and significant event is the wedding day. To this couple is prepared well in advance, with the utmost care and trepidation, thinking through all the details to chance. Brides often imagine in detail this day since childhood, and it is particularly important - in what dress she will look the most amazing, what a bunch will be in her hands, which hairstyle to complement and make her look like a princess from a fairy tale. But also, just as important to tie the knot loving people - will be photos with the solemn Day, remembering the beauty of the future family. These photos will warm memories will help relive the joyful moments themselves young, smile and make anyone who looks at this picture - a source of joy and inspiration. Our photographers artists do not miss a single detail of your holiday, enhance the beauty of a loving couple, perform the work in a professional manner.

Themed pictures, Genre

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Tireless fantasy, positive mood, as well as professional skills and enormous creativity studio photographers will help visitors make the most incredible dreams and try yourself as a model of interest, and in a completely unexpected way. At the preliminary stage of a serious work with you, the images are planned with the character traits, psychological, emotional and physical abilities background, the script is written, designed props. On taking utmost is done to uncover themes. We work professionally.

Love Story

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Lovestory - a beautiful story of love between two people. This is a touching story of a romantic relationship, beautifully expressed through photography. Love story - is gaining popularity in the market of photo services in couples. Small and hardly anyone thought before about the importance of these photos in the family album. And initially lavstori was directly related to wedding photography, but now this type of survey has the scale of individual areas, a separate genre. Love story involves photographing as a fictional, and reportage photography. Careful preparation of our photographers to take pictures with the story line ensures a perfect result couple in love, their positive attitude and blossoming relationship :) You can also make this kind of shooting in the preparatory process for the more solemn and serious event - Wedding. Thus, we achieve several goals - namely, the pre-wedding photography in any case, will love the pair to get used to our photographers, make sure there coherence in the interaction, mutual understanding and will, as a consequence - filled with photos of a deeper meaning and mood. With our photographers couple learns to behave naturally and quite frankly, that will certainly affect the outcome. Subsequently, these photos are taking a more than worthy of a place in a beautifully decorated wedding books and serve as a history of the development of the relations of the young. We are waiting for YOU!)

Family photos

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Family photos - the soulful style of photography is very close friends :) We help to create wonderful photo story for those who truly want to leave a bright, beautiful trail in memory of a wonderful and important day, held at the family photography. Juicy, emotional frames will give a gentle mood, evoke a smile and warm their warmth not only the participants shooting, their relatives and friends, but even those who are not really familiar with the family - photos will be charged a special energy of warmth and comfort in the family happy and happy relationship and will be able to surprise with their originality is any spectator and will not lose its relevance ever! With great pleasure will become for you - your family photos. Your Evgeny Lanin and Ekaterina Lanina :)



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